regional voice over

Infographic: How the underrepresented consumer is finally finding a voice

Posted by Simon Luckhurst on October 17, 2018

Hello in different languages

We take great pride in offering professional voice over services in over 90 languages, with more than a … Continued

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Voice-Activated Speakers – How to use voice over online and connect with new regional audiences

Posted by Simon Luckhurst on September 11, 2018

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

Data published at the end of August 2018 shows the incredible difference that voice over online can make … Continued

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3 ways Spanish voice over can help your brand break America

Posted by Kerry Vallins on January 4, 2018

Hispanic millennials are positioned to be one of the biggest driving forces behind the American economy. Brands looking … Continued

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Marketing to UK audiences? British voice talent can still benefit you

Posted by Kerry Vallins on December 28, 2017

The type of British voice talent you use in promotional content for the UK – whether a radio … Continued

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Choose a voice over agency to take you around the world

Posted by Kerry Vallins on October 19, 2017

Jaguar, Ford and BMW have got it spot-on when it comes to implementing a professional voice over strategy … Continued

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Is regional voice over key to success in emerging markets?

Posted by Kerry Vallins on July 17, 2017

Thanks to the evolution of the internet, businesses can attract and nurture audiences in foreign markets without having … Continued

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Win consumer trust with professional voice over talent

Posted by Kerry Vallins on July 10, 2017

It’s becoming incredibly hard to win consumers’ trust, especially in an online age filled with ‘fake news’.  It’s … Continued

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How can a voice over agency help to improve your global marketing?

Posted by Kerry Vallins on April 26, 2017

It’s an interesting experience going abroad and seeing multinational brands like Coca Cola and McDonalds presented in different … Continued

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