Marketing to UK audiences? British voice talent can still benefit you

Posted by Kerry Vallins on December 28, 2017

The type of British voice talent you use in promotional content for the UK – whether a radio commercial, YouTube ad, TV spot or other – could not only have a positive impact on your product sales, but also provide a major boost for brand awareness.

A lot of research needs to be done, though, before commissioning any creative campaign. After all, we know that using male or female voice talent can produce influence effectiveness in certain industries. Stronger male voices in car commercials can better resonate with audiences for certain models, for example, while some female voices can exude an air of calmness and warmth often required for travel or beauty industries.

Similarly, companies looking to target British markets would also do well to conduct some research into what their prospective audience think of their own regional accents. 

Make an impact in the UK with British voice talent

The right voice can help British audiences to better connect with your brand when you target your advertisements toward them. According to research by for instance, 15% of Britons find Scottish to be the sexiest accent for them, with Geordie (an accent native to Newcastle) coming joint-second.

Geordie though has its own quirks, and can be harder for international audiences to process and understand, so it may not be the most suitable option to complement your overall creative vision.

Working with the right British voice talent often proves to be highly beneficial in the overall impact of campaigns though, not just at home but further abroad too. So why are British accents so popular and effective when it comes to global voice talent?

There are numerous reasons; chief amongst them is that the British accent is consistently polled as the sexiest in the world, especially amongst American women. 20% of the 1,423 women surveyed by said that a British accent is the sexiest around, followed closely by the Scottish accent at 18%.

We recognize that MissTravel may have made an error by separating British and Scottish, but we’re sure Brits won’t complain at being in the top two! Surprisingly though, American men don’t really appear to rate the British accent highly amongst women, with no language representative in the top five.

The sexiest accents for women, according to American men, are Israeli, Colombian, Australian,

French and ‘Southern’, again highlighting how important it is to know your audience before thinking about searching for voice talent.

Choosing the right voice talent is essential when targeting audiences

Taking those statistics as read, it wouldn’t pay to have a female British voice talent fronting

commercials for men, but that’s simply not the case. Different demographics and industries have differing tastes, which is again why research is so important in your creative process.

Working with a specialist voice over agency can help you conduct that research and better get to know your audience and match you with the best voice over artist for your needs.

Voice Talent Online is a voice over agency with more than 1,500 voice actors, fluent in over 75 languages and experienced in regional dialects. Contact us today to find out more.


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