Localization Services

Voice Talent is a British localization company specializing in audio and video translation.

We enable you to spread your message with speed, sensitivity, and local authenticity.

You create diverse video content that must sparkle across different cultures and languages. To succeed, you need a partner with linguistic excellence, cutting-edge audio-video facilities, and advanced QA processes and safeguards. And with a network of experts, where each translator is not only native but also specializes in a specific industry – yours!

Perhaps you have an in-house video-production team already? Or maybe you have in-house translation capability in one or two of the many target languages of a given project? Whatever works best for you! Our fully customizable service can be completely tailored to align with your processes, workflow, and budget. Based on your own, unique requirements, we will translate, voice over, video-edit, and produce your content as efficiently and naturally as it deserves to be.

Why Us?

  • Certified translators.
  • Hand-picked voice talent.
  • In-house project managers | Personal 1-to-1 service.
  • 4-stage QA review & frequent client approval.
  • Trusted company that gives back to the local community.

Localization services:

  • Copy writing.
  • Transcription.
  • Translation.
  • 4-stage (translation) QA.
  • Voice talent casting.
  • Foreign-language dubbing.
  • Foreign-language voice over.
  • Audio post-production / editing.
  • 4-stage (audio) QA.
  • Video editing & post-production.
  • Video QA.

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Our Latest Reviews

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Review of Shun Ming Loo
Shun Ming Loo
January 2022
Review of Georgia Walker
Georgia Walker
January 2022

Very responsive and great to work with!

November 2021

It's been great to work with the production team at Voice Talent Online, as well as with their talent. Thanks for the efficiency!

Review of Nigel Hiller-Garvey
Nigel Hiller-Garvey
October 2021

We at Small World stories have found that using Voice Talent online be a great boon to our work. We at Small World stories have found that using Voice Talent Online to be a great boon to our work. We produce video content for TV and the web across numerous geographical regions throughout the world.

Review of Bill Walsh
Bill Walsh
October 2021

Excellent customer service.

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