What are Subtitles?

Subtitles also called captions, provide a textual representation of dialogue and other important audio for people with hearing loss. 

Subtitles can also give the viewer additional information about the video, such as context for a news clip. Or they might provide a translation of the dialogue.

Why are Subtitles so important?

Video is highly effective, and its popularity has exploded with the rise of social media.  But why are subtitles essential?

Facebook might be hosting upwards of 8 billion views per day on its platform, but most watch in silence. As much as 85 percent of video views happen with the sound muted.

For this reason, more and more companies use closed captions to guarantee viewers will see their message, even if they can’t hear it.

The Technical Aspects of Subtitling and Software

Our subtitling services are a vital tool in making your video accessible and clear.

We have our very own in-house system for editing and making subtitle files in SRT format allowing us to efficiently timestamp your script and create your subtitle document for you to upload alongside your video file.     

Alternatively, your subtitles can be embedded in a  rendered (ready-to-use) video (either ‘burned-in’ or on a separate track), republished and QA’d by our linguists for accuracy  (include links to FAQ at bottom of page)

We’re totally flexible to your needs. If you would like expert advice on the most suitable option for subtitles, please call us now for a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the case of closed captions, the purpose is helping people who are unable to hear the audio. In other words, the captions will include not only the transcription of the voice(s) in the video, but also give additional written detail to scenes where the audio helps contextualise the narrative. For example, “*doorbell*”, “*radio plays in background*”, “*bird song*”

 SRT files are simple, but specifically formatted text files to be used alongsidevideo data but do not containvideo or audio data.  These files include the start and end timecodes of each line of your text to ensure your subtitles match the timings of your audio

We charge per minute of video that needs to be subtitled. The per minute costs are based on the category of the video, quality of video, and the density of spoken words among other factors.

    • Transcription
    • Subtitles / closed captions
    • Translation
    • Synchronization
    • Quality Assurance
    • Video rendering / re-publishing

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VTO are always easy to work with. They communicate clearly, support throughout the process and deliver high quality audio every time!

Matt Walker
November 2022

Very fast response, good quality voice-over plus great service and follow up! Nice people to work with 🙂

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October 2022

I have worked with Voice Talent Online on several projects now and have been extremely happy with the quality of service and value provided. They offer a fantastic selection of voiceover talent to suit any project and are always extremely responsive to any questions I have.

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July 2022

I have used Voice Talent Online for corporate and explainer videos on a number of occasions and can highly recommend. The pricing is very reasonable, service is always fast and to the highest standard and the audios are always excellent. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

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July 2022

Great service, fast turnarounds. Always a pleasure to work with the team at Voice Talent Online.

Nora Arajs
July 2022