Audio Post Production

VTO produce finished sound for films, television shows and video game projects. In audio post production we integrate (plan, cast, direct, record, edit and produce) dialogue, music and effects (SFX) into a complete, synchronised soundtrack.

  • Sound Design
  • Voice
  • Mixing
  • Enhancement
  • Quality
  • Non-audio services

Sound Design

  • Storyboarding (the plan)
  • Sound effects & atmospherics sourcing & recording
  • Synchronizing sound elements with the on-screen action
  • Integration of music & voice (see below)

Whether the backdrop is an undersea wilderness or modern family home, in audio post-production our sound designers will enhance the visuals with the perfect soundtrack. Therefore, to provide the audience the best possible experience. We’ll make a master plan (storyboard). Then assemble the digital sound palette and synchronize all the elements (SFX, music, voice) with the on-screen action, until they are perfectly situated within the film. Further information on each element can be found below.

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  • Pre-production & post-production voice over services
  • Dialogue / Character / Presenter / Announcer
  • Casting
  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Enhancement

Whether pre-production (before), production (during) or post-production (after filming), we direct our voice actors personally to ensure that dialogue is clean, matches the action on-screen. And fits within the world of production.

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Mixing (for film, television & video)

  • Music editing.
  • Music mixing.
  • Mixing dialogue with music and effects.

We choose, optimise and put together voice, sound effects and music into a full, synchronised soundtrack. Mixing ‘finishes’ the project, optimising the sonic experience and ensuring it is perfectly balanced within the visuals.


  • Trimming, editing, levelling.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Volume normalization.
  • Compression.
  • Consistent sound.
  • Timing / synchronization.

The raw sound elements of a project require polishing to ensure they match the on-screen visuals, and each other. Enhancement is a standard feature of our post-production process, but we can also be contracted for specifically ‘enhancement-related’ tasks, as befits your project.


  • Native QA.
  • Archiving.

By definition, much of our dubbed output is localized to other languages and so multiple, independent, native quality reviews are built into our Post Production workflows at the appropriate stages. Transferred deliverables are also tested for corruption and in addition all content is archived for a minimum of five years.

Non-Audio Services

  • Translation.
  • Sub-titles.
  • Video editing.

Sometimes ‘finishing’ a film, game or video production requires audio-related equivalents, enhancements or replacements – perhaps to support silent playback (in public places, trains, elevators, etc), or at other times, to keep costs down.

Use the links above or contact us now for more information on non-audio services.

Our Latest Reviews

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Review of Hendrik Tillmann-Zorn
Hendrik Tillmann-Zorn
May 2022

Excellent job - as usual. Very good quality, extremely smooth process. Will be back soon.

Review of Mica Flynn
Mica Flynn
April 2022

Having no prior experience in obtaining third-party voiceovers, it was a completely new experience for me and luckily one that has been seamless. From my initial inquiry through to booking and receiving the final product, Voice Talent has been nothing but professional, helpful, and efficient in their service.

Review of Keith Ruehle
Keith Ruehle
March 2022

Quick and easy. I picked the talent from the samples they had online, sent the copy in, and in less than 48 hours, received my files. The quality of the voice files/talent was amazing for the price. I recommend using the Chat portal. Unlike most websites, the person I chatted with was very knowledgeable and walked me through the process.

Review of Rosalynn Thornton
Rosalynn Thornton
March 2022

Voice Talent Online has friendly, professional and responsive staff. They ensure that they provide the service exactly as outlined in a timely fashion. Have used them a couple times now and can say they have provided amazing service each time.

November 2021

It's been great to work with the production team at Voice Talent Online, as well as with their talent. Thanks for the efficiency!

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