Podcast Services

Podcast Services

Welcome to Voice Talent Online, your premier destination for professional podcast services tailored to elevate your brand’s voice and foster deeper connections with your audience.

Serving local organisations in North Kent, England, as well as global enterprises, our podcast services include expert recording, creative editing, and dependable hosting.

Podcast Services

At our voice-specialist studio, we focus on delivering top-notch podcast recordings that capture the essence of your message with crystal-clear audio quality. Our team of dedicated professionals ensures a fun and enjoyable recording experience for all of our clients, no matter your level of speaking experience.

What is it like to record in Voice Talent Online’s podcast studio…

Podcast Editing Services

We offer comprehensive editing solutions, including noise reduction, sound balancing, music and special effects to give your podcast that polished, professional touch.

Our team of creative editors will help make your content shine while maintaining the natural flow and authenticity of your message.

Interested?  Get in touch…

  • 0800 1422 492 (UK)
  • +1-800-423-7048 (USA)
  • +44 (0) 1474 356 722 (international)

Call us to discuss how we can support your emerging podcasting needs.

Did you know?

  • Sweden leads the world in Podcast Consumption. According to surveys of 1,000 to 5,700 respondents per country, Sweden topped the list of 54 countries surveyed for podcast consumption. 
  • Podcast listeners consume more than 105 minutes of audio per day! They spend more than 25 percent of that total audio time listening to podcasts. Seems like podcasts are popular!

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We went to record voice over for a short film we shot! Harry and his team are amazing and very accommodating and very professional. We will be defo going back there to record.
August 2023

Very professional and obliging company to work with. We have done several projects with the team and always got the best level of customer service, extremely prompt turnaround and quality voice recordings that live up to our own high standards. Highly recommend.

Dromad Hire
February 2023

Top notch service, quality work.
Thanks so much, guys!

Aviv Aminov
December 2022

VTO are always easy to work with. They communicate clearly, support throughout the process and deliver high quality audio every time!

Matt Walker
November 2022

Very fast response, good quality voice-over plus great service and follow up! Nice people to work with 🙂

Carolina Tafalla
October 2022