voice over talent

Voice talents can demonstrate core business values

Posted by Kerry Vallins on October 26, 2017

Despite the rise in personalization and artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the retail space, consumer trust in brands … Continued

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Why machine ‘language’ is still so far behind humans

Posted by Kerry Vallins on September 25, 2017

Will robots ever replace the traditional voice over? Will artificial intelligence ever reach a stage where machines are … Continued

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How voice over artists can take the latest technology global

Posted by Kerry Vallins on September 4, 2017

Amazon is investing heavily in voice over professionals across the globe as part of its content localization efforts. … Continued

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4 technologies that use a voice over artist

Posted by Kerry Vallins on August 8, 2017

Thanks to advances in mobile technology, the right voice over artist can help a brand take the world … Continued

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Creating digestible content: Using voice over for video marketing

Posted by Kerry Vallins on July 31, 2017

Video marketing has grown to become so important to brands of all sizes that an incredible 99% of … Continued

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Is regional voice over key to success in emerging markets?

Posted by Kerry Vallins on July 17, 2017

Thanks to the evolution of the internet, businesses can attract and nurture audiences in foreign markets without having … Continued

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4 good reasons to source from a professional voice over agency

Posted by Kerry Vallins on July 3, 2017

You get what you pay for, so the saying goes. That mantra’s especially important when it comes to … Continued

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Voice over talent can make the world more accessible

Posted by Kerry Vallins on June 27, 2017

Advances in technology across the globe, including a commitment to using localized voice over talent, are helping millions … Continued

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Picking the perfect voice over artist for Spotify advertising

Posted by Kerry Vallins on June 20, 2017

Spotify advertising is getting huge! More and more brands are discovering the benefits of a voice over campaign … Continued

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Regional voice over services can be as vital as translation

Posted by Kerry Vallins on June 6, 2017

Regional voice over offers real benefits. If you’re looking to expand your business and reach new audiences, you … Continued

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