Picking the perfect voice over artist for Spotify advertising

Posted by Kerry Vallins on June 20, 2017

Spotify advertising is getting huge! More and more brands are discovering the benefits of a voice over campaign to reach out directly to the millions of registered Spotify users worldwide who have the music streaming service installed on their computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Using the right voice over talent as part of a creative campaign can provide some impressive commercial returns according to Spotify data. The company suggests that not only can a campaign employing a voice over artist help further a brand’s reach and better engage with audiences, but that its audio ads drive a 60% lift in ad recall when compared against other industry benchmarks.

Spotify says that its ads also provide greater brand relevance, awareness, a more positive brand impact and increase brand interest over more traditional methods. So sure it is of the product it has to offer, that Spotify is going global, looking to expand into Asian territories for the next stage of its growth strategy.

So, is Spotify advertising worth your time, and how do you choose the best voice over artist to deliver your campaign?

Choosing voice over talent with audio advertising experience

Not just Spotify, but advertising over other streaming services such as podcasts is fast being adopted by brands determined to reach out to demographics passionate about audio. Audio ads are also set to appear on hardware such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, too.

Although radio is still a popular way to advertise, it’s still hard to gauge the impact advertisements through it have on the general public when compared against the data that audio streaming services collect. Radio messages can be heard by anybody at any time, meaning advertisers are unsure if their campaigns have reached the people they’re specifically targeting.

Platforms like Spotify allow advertisers to get relevant information and analytics about their campaigns, allowing them to readjust and target people with specific interests, better qualifying their ad spend.

That can help with the overall creative aspect of a campaign too, allowing advertisers to better target their core audience with a voice over commercial that reaches out to the right people and encourages them to engage with the brand.

A Spotify voice over campaign that engages with foreign markets

Bank Capital One is just one company embracing the commercial opportunities available through music streaming services. Simply being associated with Spotify is also a way for brands to reach out to younger, more web-savvy music lovers, with Wieden + Kennedy New York creating campaigns for the platform based around listener data and the playlists they create.

With millions of subscribers around the world, brands can tap into Spotify and similar streaming platforms to reach out to local and international markets with a voice over message that encourages listeners to explore more of the business and become brand advocates.

With brands able to target specific Spotify playlists at certain types of day with its ‘branded moments’ service, advertisers who produce creative video campaigns can also introduce them to Spotify to promote their messages cross-platform and reach out to wider audiences than they may have ever thought possible.

A targeted and creative voice over campaign is crucial to Spotify advertising success. We’re Voice Talent Online. We have access to more than 1,500 voice talents fluent in over 75 languages. We want to make your audio advertising campaign a success and help your business grow.

Want to learn more about how professional voice over talent can help you communicate effectively with your audience? Read our blog, ‘4 good reasons to source from a professional voice over agency.’


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