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Posted by Marketing 2 on February 26, 2024

Growing Popularity of E-Learning in the US

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E-Learning is a growing trend in the educational environment, especially since COVID. According to Devlin Peck, the number of people who take an online course will rise to as many as 57 million people by 2027.

It’s been proven to be especially popular in the US. In America, 63% of students engage daily in e-Learning activities and nearly 41% of US graduates prefer online education to traditional education.

Sound is crucial to media and media content in our digital age. It is why streaming services prioritize sound over video; when you watch something on Netflix and your connection is weak, have you noticed how the video will be fuzzy and low quality but the sound still stays crisp and audible? You can sacrifice the visual but if you sacrifice sound, it is difficult to understand the content. So why should that be different for e-Learning?  An important aspect of online learning is voice over. Let’s look at the importance of voice over in e-Learning and how a professional American voice over can affect how students learn their online content in the US.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

A crisp, high-quality American voice over can help make educational content more accessible and inclusive for learners with disabilities, narration in educational content helps make learning more accessible and inclusive. It accommodates learners with disabilities, such as visual impairments or dyslexia, by providing an alternative to traditional text-based materials. With a clear, familiar accent and voice, students with disabilities can learn with ease and progress their studies in e-Learning.

Improved Comprehension & Student Engagement

Voice over narration aids comprehension by providing a spoken explanation of textual content or visual elements. This can be especially beneficial for complex subjects or technical topics. An American voice over narration can captivate and engage US students, making learning more enjoyable. A well-voiced presentation can evoke emotions, which can enhance memory retention. You are also not limited to screen space and can add more information verbally, which can help learners greatly in the e-Learning sector.

E-Learning in the US

Diverse Learning Styles

There are multiple learning styles, including auditory. Voice over is especially beneficial for this learning style, making education more inclusive. By creating an auditory guide along with the visuals, it allows for auditory learners to grasp content just as easily as their visual and physical- learning style peers.

Personalized Learning

Voice over can be used to create personalized learning experiences. Learners can choose the pace of narration or have content adapted to their specific needs, fostering individualized learning paths. With E-Learning in America, including an American voice over can localise your content significantly and allow your students to feel like their learning is more personalized. You can even include a male or female voice over, a more upbeat or more professional voice over, the options for voice over personalisation are endless!

While your e-Learning content may look great, why not ensure that it sounds great too? Contact us today to start localising your American E-Learning content.

E-Learning in the US


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