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Blooper Reel 2019

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on December 20, 2019


Here it is! Our 2019 Blooper Reel!

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Key Highlights of 2019

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on

Globe with country flags

How many countries did we deal with in 2019? VTO are sharing some fun facts and statistics!

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Professional voice over talent can help to upskill your workforce

Posted by Kerry Vallins on February 6, 2018

Thanks to the internet, companies stand a better chance of expanding into new international markets if they plan … Continued

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Professional voice talent can add emotion to your marketing script

Posted by Kerry Vallins on December 7, 2017

With attention spans dwindling, marketers are facing a growing challenge when it comes to holding the interest of … Continued

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Win consumer trust with professional voice over talent

Posted by Kerry Vallins on July 10, 2017

It’s becoming incredibly hard to win consumers’ trust, especially in an online age filled with ‘fake news’.  It’s … Continued

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