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Professional voice over talent can help to upskill your workforce

Posted by Kerry Vallins on February 6, 2018

Thanks to the internet, companies stand a better chance of expanding into new international markets if they plan well and make a strong push to attract the people that matter to them most. With brands across the world constantly entering new territories, it can be worth investing in professional voice over talent to help train and upskill workers worldwide.

We say this because of a recent article written by Panos Kraniotis, regional director EMEA at Rosetta Stone. Writing in Training Journal at the start of the year, Kraniotis says he believes 2018 will be the year when language learning will top the corporate agenda.

What does that have to do with a professional voice over strategy though? Well, Kraniotis highlights how being on the same page linguistically can seriously enhance a company’s corporate strategy as well as building trust, strengthening working relationships and more.

Investing in a professional voice over for your training materials

One of the best ways to do this is to invest in training materials for your international workforce that use professional voice over solutions. Done right, this can help them to learn more about your business, their responsibilities within it, and the broader corporate culture.

One example that Kraniotis makes mention of is the UK’s forthcoming departure from the European Union; Brexit. He points out that various political factors and proposed changes to trading laws could make it harder for brands native to the UK to trade internationally.

Language development is one easy way to navigate those barriers to a certain degree. He suggests: Language learning was already an integral element for international businesses, but now the UK will need to prioritise language learning as they potentially work with more international clientele and suppliers.

That can be true for businesses beyond the UK, too. One of the best ways to improve communication, proficiency and enthusiasm among workers can be to invest in bespoke, interactive, commercial training tools and programmes. Complement these materials with a strong narration from a professional voice over specifically trained to connect with your audience.

Voice over helps to provide a personalized learning experience

Investing in training materials with voice over can also help to increase personalization, meaning that workers are likely to better retain the information the materials are delivering for an increased chance of future success.

Again, a factor underlined by Kraniotis when he says: Companies that provide a personalized, adaptive learning experience recognize and embrace these different starting points. This makes for more efficient and effective learning because the more personalized and tailored training is to each learner, the better results that will be achieved.

“Highly adaptive digital-based learning can assess employees at the start of the course and assign them to an appropriate learning path. In this way, the learner has a training experience suited to them; one that capitalizes on their prior training and experience and is targeted at achieving their particular goals.

Companies of all shapes and sizes across every industry can improve their chances of flourishing in international markets right now, by creating a personalized internal training strategy complemented by a multilingual, specialist voice talent provider.


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