4 technologies that use a voice over artist

Posted by Kerry Vallins on August 8, 2017

Thanks to advances in mobile technology, the right voice over artist can help a brand take the world by storm.

Digital and tech-focused companies across the planet are hiring the very best in voice over talent not only to represent the hardware and software they’re producing, but to capitalize on the growing trend for voice-activated personal assistants sweeping the globe.

A great voice over can make any product more relatable to your consumer. For more information on how voice over artists can benefit your brand, read our blog: Win consumer trust with professional voice over talent.

72% of people that use speech-recognition devices believe that brands should have unique voices and personalities for their apps; something that the cream of international voice over talent is helping to provide as developers improve the artificial intelligence (AI) applications of their devices. With 87% of users also saying that speech-recognition and voice-activated technologies make their lives easier, it makes sense for brands developing AI tech to create unique user experiences using the right voice over artist to better connect with users on an emotional level.

In fact, some already are, such as:

1: Starbucks and its conversational barista

This year, Starbucks worked with a voice over professional to help bring its ‘virtual barista’ to life. Customers will be able to order drinks by voice through Starbucks’ iOS app, with its virtual barista conversing with customers to verbally accept orders and confirm payments before dispatching items from the nearest store.

2: Capital One’s Cortana partnership

The financial technology (fintech) industry is another that’s growing at a phenomenal rate thanks to connected digital advances. Capital One for instance is using Microsoft’s Cortana technology to allow customers to manage their money via voice control and have conversations with AI to access their funds and make payments.

3: McDonald’s’ virtual drive-thru

Could McDonald’s use artificial intelligence applications and voice over in unique ways to reinvent the fast food industry? It’s a possibility; the company has long been experimenting with cognitive technology to improve its famous drive thru experience to turn voice orders into text for workers at POS positions. Conversational speech is expected to be the company’s next step.

4: Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Amazon is leading the way with voice over and speech recognition services through its Alexa and Echo technology, leaving Google playing catch up with its Home service. Google Home isn’t far behind though, with many praising the ability to have a proper conversation with the technology; a better feature than what’s currently offered by Alexa and Echo.

5: Apple’s Siri

The original software that encouraged people to converse with a virtual voice over, Apple’s Siri,  is no longer a trailblazer and is in danger of losing ground to Alexa, Cortana and Google Home. Siri is looking to diversify though, with Apple enhancing the software to try and make it the ultimate all-in-one personal assistant for people’s everyday needs.

With software developers the world over looking to get a piece of the AI pie, the personalization they provide by choosing the right voice over artist could help them to become a global brand competing with companies on the scale of Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. The key is to thoroughly research the market and provide users with a vocal personal assistant that complements and enhances their day-to-day activities.

Voice Talent Online has access to more than 1,500 voice over artists fluent in over 75 international languages. Break into new markets with your software and personalize your product for the right audience with a voice artist that shows the strength of your brand.A great voice over can make any product more relatable to your consumer. For more information on how voice over artists can benefit your brand, read our blog: Win consumer trust with professional voice over talent.


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