How can a voice over agency help to improve your global marketing?

Posted by Kerry Vallins on April 26, 2017

It’s an interesting experience going abroad and seeing multinational brands like Coca Cola and McDonalds presented in different languages. From TV commercials to radio ads, you can often find the work of a voice over agency complementing the familiar brand jingle.

Overcome communication issues with a creative voice over campaign

Though it is arguably essential to enter new foreign markets quickly, online marketing isn’t the ultimate quick-fix. By developing a creative voice over campaign in the language of the market you wish to break into, you can better attract attention to who you are and what you do.

During the summer of 2016, Facebook released what it calls its multilingual composer. This allows people to write status updates that translate into foreign languages. This can be useful for brands looking to test new markets over social media, and also shows how significant the demand for localised content is on social media platforms.

This is ideal for informal updates, but it still makes sense to partner with a professional voice over agency to compliment this with expert translations of your more formal marketing material. Diversify your marketing strategy by breaking down language barriers, while maintaining the true meaning and intent of your message.

Using voice over for marketing content involves much more effort and expertise than just reading messages from a screen. The most successful multilingual companies understand the vast and varied influence of language and localisation on regional markets. If you’re trying to integrate your business into a different culture, language is a good place to start.

Voice Talent Online has more than 1,500 voice over artists and over 2,000 professional translators and can translate marketing materials and messages into over 75 different languages..

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