2022/23 Scholarship Winners!

Posted by Marketing 2 on March 30, 2023

Drumroll Please...2022/23 Scholarship Winners!

Cue the fanfare, we’re delighted to announce the 2023 Scholarship Competition winners! Three lucky entrants have each won US$1,000!

Did you know that Voice Talent Online awards 3 x US$1,000 scholarships every year?

The blog-writing competitions inspire students to embrace the international world of digital work & localization.  This year’s topics were:

Scholarship #1 - My Top Five Animated Voice Overs

There were fan favourites with this topic – movies like Up, Toy Story and Ratatouille mentioned very frequently – and for good reason, as lots of articles mentioned that movies like those had voice overs that shaped most people’s childhood.

With the second topic, – whether AI can indeed replace voice talent – the main points were that AI cannot convey human emotion or inspire engagement the way that human voice talents can.

In the final topic authors brought up wholesome memories of learning a language through subtitles, or of younger children using them to support their reading development. This topic was a lovely read!


As always, our scholarship entries featured a myriad of students from around the world; from Canada and the United States to France, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Malaysia, and more! It was such a privilege to review so many lovely pieces of work from so many countries.


This year’s winners are:

  • Mariam Razi, United Arab Emirates.
  • Rahma Roobleh, Canada.
  • Donell Ellis, United Kingdom

You can find out more in our winner’s section and on our InstagramFacebook and Twitter!

Congratulations to everyone who entered such high-quality articles into the 2022-23 scholarship competitions.

Don’t miss out… 2023-24’s  competitions is now open!



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