One Month At VTO!

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on February 22, 2021

Written by Hannah Trinder, Client Liaison at VTO

New client liaison working at Voice Talent Online

Starting a new role in a different office is a milestone in life that you’ll always remember, and particularly if it’s during a pandemic! Despite the difficult times, I was able to join Voice Talent Online as part of the sales team.

On my first day, I couldn’t get my head around the turnaround time of the voice over projects they take on every single day.

“It’s completely insane to me… the amount of work and effort needed for one project can be done that quickly.”

From a client asking for our help, to the delivery of that project…. It’s completely insane to me.. the amount of work and effort needed for one project can be done that quickly.


I love that I get to speak with people daily from all parts of the world in different time zones. It was surprising to see such a constant influx of quote requests coming into the sales team…. There is always somebody, somewhere that needs help or has a question for us. I honestly don’t know how the team coped without an extra pair of hands to help out. Every day is always full-on (in the best way!) with lots of different projects on the go.

A personal highlight for me, which actually took place in my first week, was facilitating a phone patch recording session. A customer based in the UK wanted an African female voice over with a Zulu accent. After finding the exact voice they needed on our roster, I set up the call with talent and client! During the session, the client gave direction to the talent (in South Africa) as she recorded the script. All went smoothly as the talent took on real-time feedback from the client for their project.

“I’m very quickly learning about all these different languages as I go along.”

Another thing that has surprised me whilst working here is the number of languages and accents that we can offer. There are languages on our list that I hadn’t even heard of until starting at VTO! It goes without saying that I’m very quickly learning about all these different languages as I go along. 

Meeting the VTO Team

How interesting having to video call the people I work with when we are collaborating on projects together, as they continue to work from home. It is now completely normal to have a chat with them on a video call throughout the day instead of having an actual conversation with them in the VTO office.

Customers First

During my short time here, people keep coming back to work with us again and again and again! I’ve already spoken to the same customers several times throughout the weeks to help them with multiple projects. It’s nice to know they enjoy the audio and/or translations that we deliver to them which makes them want to keep returning.

My time here has already given me a massive insight into the world of voice overs, which is something I’ve always wanted to know more about coming from an audio background myself. I’ve been able to see how it works from start to finish, and now I get to be a part of that process.

Future growth

The speed in which the company has grown, in the last few years alone, just proves how much of a demand there is for these types of services, and how well (and quickly!) VTO has anticipated and delivered them. It seems obvious and exciting, that as the need for voiceover, video translations and related services continues to grow year-on-year, Voice Talent Online will no doubt continue to expand as well in order to deliver the high-quality, proactive solutions that customers will need. I look forward to being part of that!


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