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Voice Talent Online is a British voice over agency, specializing in the translation and recording of voiceover for international markets.

We've specialized in helping companies big and small cast and produce voice-overs for over 16 years  Unlike some voice talent agencies, we provide a complete production service, with two high-end vocal booths and expert production team on-site. 

Stamp 'professionalism' on your content with neutral, target-market-friendly voice over.

Not used a voice-over service before?  Read our 'How To'.

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Ionic needed Dutch, German and Polish voice overs, to re-purpose their English promo video for foreign markets.

As well as voice over, we provided other services: transcription, translation, royalty-free music, a final audio mix, and video rendering / re-publishing.  You can learn more about the project here.


In 2018 our voice over booth was certified to provide voice over for a very substantial 'voice collection project', which required extremely high-quality sound for a machine learning system (a well-known competitor to Alexa).  The noise floor, signal-to-noise ratio and reverb measurements demonstrated that VTO's studio is amongst the top-5 of the 150+ North American recording studios who also applied to partner with us in the project.

Whether working for the BBC, Amazon, or a local business, we are proud to bring the same high level of quality and care to all our customers.



child voice over workshop



Working with the 7-8 year-old children of Bronte School, Kent, UK, was one of the most enjoyable jobs our production team has had the pleasure to be involved in.

After we led a familiarisation and training exercise, each student experienced working on three professionl 'roles' here at VTO - voice talent, director and sound engineer - to each produce their own original audio book (which they'd written at school).  They all excelled!  Read more about the voice over workshop.

It has taken us 15 years to manually and painstakingly develop our network of specialist translators and trusted voice talent in over 80 languages.  We haven't taken any short-cuts to get there, and the journey is never over. But you will enjoy the best international voice over recording experience in the industry, all based around our fantastic voice talent roster.  We are regularly asked to provide voices / languages to our competitors.

Our full-time, in-house production team, and our equally hard-won network of international editors will ensure your voice over project is both enjoyable and fruitful.

We are available at short notice to deliver huge voice over projects.

Whether you need to sooth, inspire or excite, Voice Talent Online's agency has the resources, expertise and warmth to deliver your VO with sensitivity and confidence, allowing you the time and energy to focus on your business growth.

Quality as Standard

  • Voice Talent.
    • We are your filter.
    • All of the broadcast-standard, neutral-accented voice talent have been carefully tested and reviewed prior to being added to the roster.  Most of them have also been with us for years.  So rest assured your voice over will be delivered on-time, on-budget.  When you need corrections, additions or new projects with the same voice, at the same price, that's exactly what you can expect too.


  • Quality Assurance.
    • Multi-stage QA.
    • As with all our translation and video work, all voice over recordings and post-production files go through a rigorous, multi-stage, but rapid, review process, to ensure the accuracy and quality of final audio.  You need confidence in your voice over productions, to free you up to focus on your business.

Contact us to disuss your needs & options, receive a detailed voice over quote with turn-round & recommended voice demos and to review work examples.

Andrew Hollands
Andrew Hollands
February 2021

Excellent customer service, with a quick turnaround of the product! Will definitely be working with them again.

Saskia Dijkstra
Saskia Dijkstra
February 2021

High quality voices with quick turnaround. Clear and elaborate communication via e-mail.

February 2021

Really great service. Managed to find a voice actor with an unusual accent which we needed for the production. Many thanks.

Hendrik Tillmann-Zorn
Hendrik Tillmann-Zorn
November 2020

Excellent voice over service! We have worked seamlessly together for projects in various languages and our clients have always been very satisfied. Prices are very fair and the turnaround time is also very good. We will be back for more business soon!

Rob Taylor
Rob Taylor
August 2020

We used Voice Talent Online for the audio work on an animated video. The service provided was efficient, professional and well delivered. We would have no hesitation recommending them.