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Posted by Kerry Vallins on February 8, 2018

If you have international growth ambitions and are looking to enter new global markets, it’s essential that you don’t underestimate the power of localizing your content and marketing materials to attract the people in different countries and varying cultures, something that an experienced voice talent agency can help you to achieve.

Consider the candy brand Haribo. Already a worldwide brand, Haribo’s UK arm has been running a particularly successful advert called ‘Kids’ voices’. The advert features on a variety of channels and sees fully-grown adults eating Haribo sweets, with their voices replaced by those of young children to complement their ‘kids and grownups love it so’ tagline.

So popular is the ad that it’s featured in many ‘best of’ lists from heavyweights such as Nielsen. Haribo is looking to roll out the ad to the U.S., only, with some significant changes in place.

Localize your content with a specialist voice talent agency

The new commercials aimed at American audiences will work to a similar brief to the UK ones, but using the voice talent of American children instead of British ones. Haribo worked with a voice talent agency to find young actors with American accents, localizing the U.K. ads for the benefit of U.S. audiences.

So why not use what is an existing and wildly successful commercial for another English-speaking market? Personalization is the key, with Haribo likely wanting to better connect American audiences with native speakers with specific regional dialects to better communicate with the market.

Again, that personalization is key to a successful localization strategy. Using specific, experienced voice talent to localize content to new markets is something that the most successful companies do to attract, entertain and better inform the leads that matter to them most in foreign territories.

McDonald’s serves close to 70 million customers across the globe every day, but still realizes the necessity of creating and repurposing content for local audiences to stay at the forefront of their minds, connect with them on a regular basis and make them feel like their community is valued and catered for by a large organization.

Voice talent and localization help make strong connections

A great example of this is when McDonald’s used different Asian voice talent and other creative techniques to promote its Prosperity Burger across territories including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The burger was originally created in Malaysia but has been adopted by foreign markets thanks to its recurring promotions focusing on Chinese New Year.

Localizing content and hitting the cultural aspect with the right message has been key to the success of the product. It’s a lesson that other brands across the world can learn from when they want to reach out to new international markets.

Working with a professional voice talent agency can actually be useful to help cut costs, too. You don’t have to spend months and a huge amount of the budget commissioning commercials for specific markets. By repurposing existing content, altering the key ‘local’ content, combined with a native ‘localized’ voice over, you can reach out to people through your existing materials, to demonstrate your credentials in a safe, unobtrusive and ‘local’ way.

Voice Talent Online is able to perform localization reviews for your content, as well as provide more than 1,500 voice talents fluent in over 75 languages when you want to reach out to international customers. Contact us today to find out more.


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