Kids Voice Over Workshop 2023

Posted by Marketing 2 on August 8, 2023

An Educational Experience

Twenty lucky children have experienced the recording studio’s annual kids voice over workshop!

The 7-8 year old students put on their creative caps for a week-long project to write, record and produce their very own, original Mr. Men stories!  Complete with dairy-free chocolates and Mathematical anecdotes, the wonderfully creative stories allowed the children to explore a professional recording studio within a fun, immersive experience.

(from left to right: Isabela, Ellie and Mel)

During the workshop, the children from Kent, England, learned new skills:

  • The nuances of performance as a Voice Talent.
  • Clear communication and leadership as a Director.
  • Focus as an Audio Producer.

Of course, funny mistakes are actively encouraged by the session leaders, both as a way of breaking the ice with more shy children, and to demonstrate that everything can be made good in the edit!

This year, for the first time, the Headmistress of Bronte School, Mrs. Emma Wood, visited to witness some of the action, and we even got her in the booth to record some lines for the children’s stories!  “The workshop is a wonderful educational experience all around,” she shared.

voice over collaboration
(left) Mrs. Wood (right) Zak

“We love to share this idea that work can be fun!” smiles Simon Luckhurst, session leader at VTO.  “It’s true that the kids get to experience roles such as Voice Talent, Director and Audio Producer here – careers specific to our voice over industry.  Indeed, several of our participants are already working as professional child voice talent.  But it’s also our hope – shared in feedback from teachers and parents – that it inspires them to explore the digital and creative industries more widely.”  Judging by the smiles on all the participants’ faces, the signs are good.

(left) JJ  (right)Anderson

Want to hear these amazing podcast stories?

Check them out on Spotify! Every story is very well-written and extremely well- voiced. They’re super entertaining, and an absolute must-listen!

(From left to right: Udai, Ryan, Nacoli & Yuvraj)


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