Blog Can voice over artists become teachers with virtual reality education?

Posted by Kerry Vallins on October 2, 2017

Will voice over artists play a role in the future of the education sector? It may very well be, thanks to the continuing advances in Virtual Reality (VR) technology, and the creative ways in which it’s being used in the education sector.

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The England European Regional Development Fund has recently committed £30,000 in funding to tech start-up Linguisticator and the University of Westminster to build a VR platform specifically designed to boost memory and learning techniques.

Sounds interesting, but also small potatoes compared to Facebook’s recent actions in Arkansas. Thanks to a deal between the social media giant and the state, Facebook has expanded its Techstart program to bring VR technology to every public high school in the area.

Set your software apart with the right voice over artists

With VR headsets entering classrooms across the globe for all levels of education, incredible opportunities are budding for software developers and others to deliver the very best in interactive education as the market grows.

It represents a chance to completely revolutionize the education sector. By using the right voice over artists, too, it produces a significant opportunity for software developers to enter new global markets.

How, though? VR technology penetration in schools is accelerating at an incredible pace, with Oculus VR headsets becoming staples in differing levels of education in Asian areas. Trainee teachers in Singapore, for instance, find that VR training is helping them to identify potential hazards in the classroom environment and learn how to deal with them.

With so many different promising markets to enter in learning environments across the globe, software developers would benefit from partnering with a specialist voice over company. The right voice over professionals not only have access to huge databases of voice over talent – fluent in numerous languages – but can help implement strategies to broach new markets, attract target audiences and ultimately, build a strong reputation in the education sector.

Build a stronger presence with the perfect voice over

While the VR education market is still relatively young, it doesn’t mean that any old content will get you on the map. The quality – as with any marketing material – needs to be up there. Having perfectly-recorded audio content to complement the software, recorded in a controlled environment and performed by fluent, energetic and passionate voice over artists, is not only the best way to educate but entertain as well.

The biggest turn-off when it comes to educational content – for all ages – is for it to be boring. With the engaging nature of VR, too, software developers need to commission the right voice over to help students to interact with content in the right ways and retain information.

Consider Ronald Reagan Elementary in New Berlin, which is using VR to take classrooms on virtual field trips. Once, they went to a zoo, with Principal Brady Reinke saying that kindergarteners “get to see things not in a textbook or in a picture, but really it comes alive to them.”

Visuals alone aren’t enough, though, in these VR worlds. Helping images come to life with the right voice over strategy can not only help software developers enter new markets, but to also capture the imaginations of students and revolutionize the way we educate future generations.

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A great voice over can make any product more relatable to your consumer. For more information on how voice over artists can benefit your brand, read our blog: Win consumer trust with professional voice over talent.


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