Voice Talent Online Welcomes Stuart

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on June 21, 2019
Voice Talent Online Welcomes Stuart Wise

Voice Talent Online is growing, therefore we have been very busy recruiting this spring. We have not only recruited more voice talents in a multitude of languages but have also introduced a new member to our production team. Voice Talent Online Welcomes Stuart.

As an audio producer/editor Stuart’s responsibility is to identify the sound requirements for a given recording and perform the appropriate actions to produce and edit this sound, ensuring quality assurance at the same time.

  • production – the recording of all sound on set or on location
  • post-production – the balancing, mixing, editing, and enhancing of pre-recorded audio.
  • Voice Talent Online works within a range of industries including:

    • advertising
    • audio recordings
    • broadcasting (radio or television)
    • film

    Please say hello to Stuart, our newest Production Assistant who was selected out of a pool of more than 160 applicants! As well as this, Stuart has been working as a freelance filmmaker and has a keen interest in all things media. We welcome Stuart to Voice Talent Online! 

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