Six ways eLearning solutions can benefit from online voice over talent

Posted by Kerry Vallins on November 9, 2017

A business is only as strong as the people it employs, and workplace training represents an essential part of any company’s success. But what’s the most effective method to deliver training that’s practical, affordable and engaging? We believe online voice over talent can make all the difference.

The global mobile learning market is expected to grow over 36% from 2015 to 2020. Even so, there’s still the need for employers to rethink how knowledge is accessed and shared across departments, branches and organisations.

A recent Forbes article took a closer look at eLearning solutions and the valuable benefits they can offer to companies. Here’s 6 of our favourite points:

Economy – Organisations can cut unnecessary costs

Traditional training in classroom settings can be impractical and expensive. Instead, eLearning eliminates the need to hire an instructor, secure a location and organise travel arrangements for employees.

Therefore, using online voice over talent to voice modules can be a particularly cost-effective method of producing training materials. Companies can commission work on a project-by-project basis, without having to hire or purchase specialist recording equipment and receive high quality audio content from a professional voice over talent who knows how to bring a text to life.

Convenience – ELearning can be accessed anywhere, anytime

ELearning materials can be accessed any time, any place, using any device. Most employees now have access to broadband at home, Wi-Fi is easy to find when out and about and the majority of modern workplaces have some level of connectivity too.

As a result of this, employees can access eLearning when it best suits them, without having to attend classroom training out of hours or interrupt their time spent at work. According to a study by Brandon Hall Group, the flexibility of eLearning also leads employees to complete studies in 40 to 60 percent less time!

Just as eLearning is convenient for employees, it can be handy for employers too. Online voice over talent can be sampled, quoted, ordered and delivered all in the click of a button, allowing employers to arrange their resources quickly and at competitive costs.

Efficiency – Company training can be shared across the world

Training employees across different departments and locations can be time-consuming, practically strenuous and financially draining when using traditional training methods. Particularly for growing companies expanding into new markets, eLearning resources may be a far more feasible option. No need for anyone to travel, wait for available spaces on training courses or risk disjointed training strategies.

With the help of online voice over talent, eLearning materials can even be translated into various languages, ensuring that staff around the globe are trained to the same standards.

Effectiveness – Modern learners are visual with short attention spans

Millennials have short attention spans, busy lives and a firm attachment to their mobiles. Studies also estimate that visual learners make up around 65 percent of the population. These pupils need to see what they are trying to absorb, and favour bite-sized training over lengthy training sessions. Short instructional videos represent an ideal form of content.

Companies can produce this bitesize content and use online voice over talent to add a professional and friendly voice to video content – potentially in a range of languages. At Voice Talent Online, we even manage all post-production services for clients, ensuring that eLearning content is ready to use from the word go.

Improved – Blended training may be better

Depending on the industry and employee roles, some classroom training may be essential. However, it’s not always sufficient on its own. A blended approach can combine traditional classroom learning with additional eLearning content.

Online voice over talent can be used to produce supplementary online revision material or mock exam scenarios to complement classroom training, for instance. Having this eLearning content available at any time can help to solidify new skills and increase learner confidence.

Longer results – Boosts retention

Considering the above point, it’s no big surprise that the Research Institute of America recently discovered eLearning boosts retention rates by 25 to 60%, compared to retention rates of 8 to 10% achieved with traditional training.

These findings may be due to eLearning materials providing individuals with more control over their learning process, and the ability to revisit training when necessary. As a result, 67% of college instructors see online media such as blogs, video and podcasts as key teaching tools, and online voice over talent can help in the production of all of these.

Training Should Align with a Direct Business Need

It’s possible to boost business growth with employee learning and eLearning represents a highly effective and cost-efficient medium. However, no amount of training will improve performance if it fails to connect with targeted employees or address relevant issues. Tailored eLearning solutions are the answer here, and online voice over talent can provide a helping hand. From editing training materials for specific departments, to dubbing training courses in local languages, voice over makes it possible to offer a personalised experience


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