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Share your brand voice over online channels in ‘the fourth dimension’

Posted by Kerry Vallins on February 13, 2018

There are so many benefits to having a good audio strategy when advertising. Partnering with an experienced agency can help you to share your brand voice over online channels, refine your creative approach, generate new leads and improve your ROI.

Finding the perfect voice over online is becoming big business, thanks to the introduction of voice-activated technology in hardware such as Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and many other devices hitting the market. It’s not just hardware making an impact. software such as voice-activated personal assistants are having a serious effect on people’s browsing and shopping habits the world over.

Recently-published research by Accenture shows just how much of an effect the trend is having. The study focused on 21,000 customers across 19 countries between October and November 2017, and found that 66% of those who have a digital voice assistant at home had used their smartphone less since they installed the technology.

Join an audio advertising revolution with a professional voice over online service

It’s quite a significant statistic, especially when so many companies are constantly told by digital advertisers to optimize their websites and businesses for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

That optimization should be a basic necessity by now. What marketers could and – we believe – should be focusing for the future is the incredible opportunities that a strong audio and voice over strategy can provide to help brands reach out to potential customers over ‘the fourth dimension’.

Especially following the recent CES 2018 convention held in Las Vegas. CES is always a key indicator of the future of consumer technology, showing where creators are putting their efforts. This year’s exhibition had a strong focus on connectivity; namely smart homes, smart cities and – you guessed it – voice-activated smart devices.

It’s a trend that advertisers should be keeping a keen eye on. If mobile devices are the third dimension, then the fourth is voice-activated technology connected by the Internet. As well as smart homes, think about other AI-controlled technology such as driverless cars and smart refrigerators.

Get heard over new media platforms with the right voice over online

Their AI and voice interactivity essentially transform them into new media platforms. If you’ve used Amazon’s Alexa before and tried to hold a conversation with it, you’ll know yourself that the personal services that a smart speaker can provide appear to be potentially endless.

The Smart Audio Report, Fall/Winter 2017, shows that 16% of Americans now have a smart speaker, representing an explosion in growth of 128% since January 2017. That uptake can only grow as the popularity of smart speakers grows and the AI software that makes them so attractive continues to learn and improve.

With the right audio strategy, working with an agency that specializes in providing exceptional voice over talent, content localization, post-production services and much more besides on a global level will help you to get your brand’s voice heard across numerous audio platforms before anybody else.

Find out more about the incredible advertising benefits of adopting a creative voice over strategy. Speak to the Voice Talent Online team today.


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