A voice talent agency can help strike a chord with overseas audiences

Posted by Kerry Vallins on November 30, 2017

Voice technology is tipped to be one of the biggest trends of 2018, but so far, only certain countries seem to be seeing particularly high levels of adoption. China is one country that has seen the technology really start to integrate in to people’s lives. Here’s how a voicetalent agency could help upcoming tech companies break into the Chinese market by utilising this trend.

Voice technology takes off around the world

Voice technology is set to transform the way that many people choose to shop, communicate, relax and generally manage their everyday life. Offerings such as Alexa and Siri are already enjoying huge commercial success around the world, allowing people to do everything from ordering their weekly food shopping to finding directions or checking the weather forecast.

However, evidence suggests that voice technology can provide larger, more practical benefits in certain countries – for instance, those where it’s difficult to write complex messaging. In particular, a recent survey by JWT and Kantar Insight revealed that voice technology is set to be a huge opportunity for brands in Asia.

The study identified China as an emerging leader in voice technology. In fact, 42% of all Chinese smartphone users claim voice technology helps them to be more efficient. Regular users of voice technology also cited convenience (52%), a lack of necessity for typing (48%) and simplicity of use (46%) as significant benefits.

Looking to the future, a huge 64% of survey respondents stated they would like voice assistants to predict their wants and needs, automatically carrying out certain activities and pro-actively offering helpful suggestions. Users of the technology evidently enjoy the ease of activities that AI can offer in their daily routine.

So why is voice technology taking off at such a great pace in China in particular?

Experts suggest it may simply come down to linguistics. Typing in Chinese… is difficult and much slower than it is in English, and that is why you see the trend of voice technologies somewhat more prevalent in China, explains Ida Siow, Head of Planning for Singapore & South East Asia at J. Walter Thompson.

With voice technology potentially offering a faster and easier way to manage all kinds of everyday activities, it’s not difficult to see how this market could explode in the near future – both in China and elsewhere.

Breaking Asia with a voice talent agency

Chinese tech giants such as search engine Baidu have already launched voice-first technologies to make the most of this growing trend. For other tech businesses looking to enter the Chinese market, sourcing the right voice talent may be essential to their commercial success.

Using the right voice can make all the difference when it comes to connecting with a new audience. Gender, age, accent and even tone of voice contribute to your brand image and the way your business is perceived. Choosing a relatable voice over, paired with a fluent, engaging script is essential to avoid anything getting lost in translation, whilst presenting your brand as trustworthy and human.

Luckily, working with the right voice talent agency can give you access to a selection of experienced native speakers, offering culturally appropriate translation and engaging voice over acting. Helping you choose the perfect talent and tone, the right agency will help you get it right.

Find a voice talent agency that speaks your language

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