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Posted by Kerry Vallins on October 16, 2017

It can be easier than you think to find a professional voice over artist online if you look in the right places – but what are the right places?

We say that because it’s more important than ever to evaluate your options in a crowded online marketplace. Working with a specialist voice over agency can produce far more measurable and effective results than an amateur working from their bedroom, for instance.

Reaching global markets is becoming more vital for companies of all sizes. Want to communicate across any border using translation and voice over talent? Read our blog: How can a voice over agency help to improve your global marketing?

Sourcing a professional voice over online ensures unbeatable vocal quality, better technical quality control, greater creative campaign input and incredible long-term care and consistency from the agency – to name just a few advantages.

So, how exactly do you find a voice over online that ticks all those boxes and provides the results you’re craving for long-term growth and to attract new markets? We think it’s important that you:

1: Find the right language

Finding the right language for a voice over campaign is essential for a number of reasons. It can help your brand connect with new, regional audiences, especially for brands with international growth ambitions.

Working with international voice actors native to a foreign languages, able to convey the intricacies of local dialects and accents with precision as well as passion can also help you to make a natural impact on new markets, as well as save you money by repurposing existing advertising content you may have already produced.

2: Consider purpose and tone required

An essential part of your overall creative marketing and voice over strategy. Think of energy drink commercials where the character feels a burst of energy after a sip of the product, or somebody feeling relief from pain after taking certain medication.

What is your product designed to do and what are its benefits? Once identified, what’s the best way to convey those benefits with a voice over to incentivize the consumer to make a purchase? Find a voice artist that best suits the role and has the creative know-how to convey certain emotions and tones that will bring both your product and brand to life within the marketplace.

3: Identify gender needed (if necessary)

Not many people may realize that when they’re looking for a voice over professional, the actor’s gender may actually have an effect on sales, especially if yours is a campaign with specific calls to action designed to generate leads.

Of course, each decision will be reliant on the nature of the project itself and the direction that the owner feels it should take. Research has shown, though, that female voices can appear more trustworthy and soothing than male voices while the latter can be seen as more authoritative and desirable for educational videos.

4: Confirm availability

There’s little worse than working to a set brief, scouring the internet for the right voice over online, booking them and being let down at the last minute. Not only can an unreliable voice actor let you down and delay the process, but for larger-scale campaigns this could potentially cost the company thousands in delays, rescheduling and much more besides.

Working with a voice over agency can negate those problems. Good agencies have strong working relationships with their voice over artists, handpicking reliable, trustworthy talent and providing 24/7 assistance to make sure the right solution is always found in the absolute worst-case scenarios.  

5: Check the price

As mentioned before, amateurs can come at a low price, but the quality may not be anything like you were hoping for – you get what you pay for. What’s better for your business growth, commissioning somebody with a cheap mic in their garage or working alongside an agency’s hand-picked, professional voice over talents, their industry-leading equipment, soundproofed recording booths and personal service?

Different talents may be available at different prices, and a good agency will work with you to find the right voice talent to suit your budget alongside any relevant localization work and post-production services.

Looking for the right voice over online? It’s easy with Voice Talent Online. Simply navigate to our language pages to hear samples of our voice artists in a range of situations, compare them against other actors, seek availability, check prices and much more besides.  

Reaching global markets is becoming more vital for companies of all sizes. Want to communicate across any border using translation and voice over talent? Read our blog: How can a voice over agency help to improve your global marketing?


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