Helping you to Translate.


Because Whisper Audio Ltd provides an end-to-end localization service, we understand the contextual requirements of a translation.  All of the surrounding project requirements (target audience, end-media, synchronization, dialogue, file-split, etc) affect the way in which the translation is handled, and we have more than a decade of experience to share with you.

Typical jobs:

  • translate and dub 5 x 20-minute children's educational videos into 16 languages
  • translate a 3-minute corporate presentation video into French, German, Spanish and Italian
  • translate a web site's multilingual SEO campaign

Whisper Audio Ltd specialises in:

  • technical translation
  • caption translation
  • video translation
  • foreign-language dubbing
  • foreign-language voice over
  • post-production and editing
  • localizing PowerPoint and presentations
  • localizing e-Learning courses
  • voice casting
  • quality assurance

...with all the related services you might need to localize your project.

The translation team for any given project are not only native to the target languages but - more importantly - have experience and/or expertise in the relevant industry necessary for the project.  This becomes highly important in more technical scripts, such as medicine or engineering.

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