Meet Rashaad Ishmail, our Scholarship 2019-2020 Winner from Canada

Our latest scholarship winner is Rashaad Ishmail, a 19-year student, currently studying Business Administration with a Minor in Economics and Political Science at Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada.

After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2023, Rashaad is planning to pursue postgraduate studies in sports and business, following his dreams to work with professional sports teams in the National Football League or Major League Baseball.

How Did Rashaad Find the Writing Process?

“I found out about the Voice Talent Online Scholarship while browsing through scholarship applications online and I thought participating in this scholarship would not only be a great opportunity, but also a fun experience” Rashaad tells us.

He recalls the writing process of the 2019-20 subject “Voicing Your Brand” and shares some great advice: “With any project I tackle, I like to ensure I’m covering all aspects of the topic in depth. So, I did take some time at the beginning to do research in order to uncover more about the importance of voicing your brand and how to effectively do so. In addition, I reflected on my experience of voicing my own brand in order to narrow down what the most essential information was. This was a relatively quick but instrumental process as it confirmed my initial ideas and thoughts on the topic. In terms of actually writing, I took my time to articulate my thoughts concisely and impactfully. I remember saving a draft and coming back to it the next day to tweak certain components and incorporate visuals. The process was by no means strenuous as I actually enjoyed the topic and the various steps I took to complete it”

What does Winning the Scholarship Mean to Rashaad?

“When I received the email that I had won I was beyond thrilled that my determination and effort towards writing the article had led to success” Rashaad tells us. He continues: “I plan to put the money I earned from this scholarship towards paying for some of the expenses involved in studying abroad in Europe during my fourth year. I have planned to study abroad for years, so having some money saved for part of my future makes this entire experience so rewarding.”

Once again, congratulations from all of us at Voice Talent Online, and we wish Rashaad all the best with his exciting plans for the future!

Judges Find 2019-2020 Scholarship Great Success

This year’s Voice Talent Online scholarship competition proved extremely popular with several hundred applications received. The judges were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the entries in the scholarship competition, deciding not only to award a first prize of $1,000, but also to award a second prize of $250. The second prize goes to Rahmandhika Tri Putra, a MSc student in Geographic Information System at University of Aberdeen, Scotland, for his great efforts.

As for 2020-21, Voice Talent Online have decided to offer TWO scholarships, each worth $1,000.


Meet Ashraf Uz Zaman, our 2018-19 Scholarship Winner 

VTO Scholarship Winner Ashraf Uz ZamanVoice Talent Online is proud to introduce the winner of the 2018-19 scholarship, Ashraf Uz Zaman, a 22-year old Bachelor of Business Administration student at Dhaka University, Bangladesh. Ashraf is a Bachelor of Business Administration student majoring in Accounting who upon graduation in 2020 plans to pursue MBA studies and become an entrepreneur. According to Ashraf the scholarship money will go into his post-graduation fund and will ease up things financially, which we are delighted to hear!

What drew Ashraf to take part in the competition and did he find the process easy?

It turns out that Ashraf has a “bit of a passion” for digital marketing and found the topic of the 2018- 2019 competition “The Power of Video in Online Marketing” of great interest.  “I love to write about topics that are of interest to me and in that sense, this competition was just perfect. I really enjoyed the whole process of writing the article – from researching, finding out statistics and finally putting my thoughts about the topic into words” Ashraf tells us.

How does Ashraf feel about being the winner?

Ashraf  hoding his Voice Talent Online Scholarship winner's giant chequeIt comes as no surprise that Ashraf is excited! “It really does feel amazing in many ways, winning this competition. When I entered, I had my fingers crossed because of the effort I had put into writing this article and I knew I had done my best” Ashraf explains. He continues with these very perceptive words: ”This competition will always be a reminder to me to put my best efforts into challenges and competitions.”


We wish Ashraf all the best and send him a huge congratulations to go with his giant cheque and scholarship money!



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