Award: US $1,000 or equivalent          Deadline: 31 January 2020

Voice Talent Onine CEO Simon Luckhurst signing winner's chequeWho Are We?

Voice Talent Online is a British company specializing in voice overs, video translation and sound design. Also known as 'localization', we perform this service in over 80 languages.

What is the Scholarship?

We began offering our Scholarship in 2018, with the aim to help students at least a little bit with those annoying costs related to studying, such as books, rent, transport and so on.

Who Can Apply?

You can apply for the scholarship if you are a student enrolled in a university or college anywhere in the world. In fact, for the 2019 Scholarship we had applications from all over the world, including USA, China and Bangladesh!

How to Apply

Write a 300-500 word blog post on this topic:

"Voicing your Brand"

Feel free to use a different title, however the title must include “Voicing your Brand” in it.  Be as detailed as you think is appropriate, using a variety of examples, discussing how important it is to choose the correct voice for your brand.  Keep it current, get creative, use images and source statistics. The blog should contain the hyperlink "voice talent" somewhere within the post linking to When you've published your blog, complete the online application form. That's it! 

The winner will be judged on the quality, entertainment value and popularity of their entry. The judge's decision is final. The winner's name, photo and name of university/college will be posted here on this page in February 2020. Good luck!

Any enquiries about the scholarship or the subject "Voicing your Brand" can be e-mailed to


Meet Ashraf Uz Zaman – the 2019 Scholarship winner

Ashraf with giant cheque Meet the 2019 winner of the Voice Talent Online Scholarship, Ashraf Uz Zaman.

The 22-year old Bachelor of Business Administration student at Dhaka University in Bangladesh, who turns out to have a bit of passion for digital marketing, talks about the process of entering the Scholarship competition and tells us what it feels like to be a winner!

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