Voice Talent Online provides end-to-end voice over, audio localization, and quality assurance with 1,500 voices available in over 75 languages.

We empower you to succeed in digital with the right services, people, and culture.

Relentless Quality Focus

In an industry increasingly populated by a race to the bottom, that’s why VTO is proud to focus on quality – grounded in the fundamentals of continuous improvement.

Start with People

We have assembled a unique team of diverse, international expertise. That’s why VTO brings clients on the journey; with a ‘can-do’ approach from storyboard to delivery.


We don’t just pay lip service to your unique needs.  We will explore your emerging needs together and discover the most proactive solutions.  If your deadline is “yesterday”, we are the size and structure to nimbly adapt.

For over 20 years, we have tackled a breadth of areas from medical instruments to self-driving technologies, from short phone messages to vast text-to-speech projects, delivering high-quality, localized audio and video productions for discerning clients.

Let us commit to your business and we will be with you every step of the way.

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