Case Study: Games

Why does a leading gaming company choose Voice Talent Online to cast and produce its voice overs for Ava’s Manor?

  • Insightful, creative casting.
  • Vibrant, emotive voice talent.
  • Always-authentic, real local accents.
  • Quality, consistency & reliability of production.

Client testimonial:

“Simon expertly fills the voice-over needs for our narrative mobile game projects. Simon is wonderful to work with, and has unmatched attention to detail, proactively spotting issues and finding resolutions to keep our projects moving smoothly. Simon always delivers on schedule and is quick to address any questions. He regularly goes above and beyond to ensure that we have the right voice talent for each character, and the high quality bar he sets ensures the combined results deliver on the vision we had for the narrative. Voice Talent Online’s wide variety of voice actors in many languages and accents is critical in appropriately bringing each character to life.”

Head of Studio @ UKEN Games