Our Facilities

COVID measures

Watch this short video to learn more about the COVID safety precautions in place at VTO. These are designed to make your visit as safe, relaxing and productive as possible. Or read here about how through implementing new, Covid-secure ways to work.

Our Facilities

Looking for a professional voice over recording studio with great facilities? We’re not just an online service.  Voice Talent Online’s operations hub in Kent, UK has the following facilities on-site:

• Top-of-the-range voice recording studio
• Audio & video edit suites
• Light and modern open-plan space
• Room to relax
• COVID precautions

Voice recording studio

A high-end, custom-built recording booth – Our recording booth has been purpose built to match our client’s specific needs and has been approved and recognised for use by world class companies. Moreover, it is situated inside a secondary, insulated recording room, adding even further sound proofing, it is one of the quietest places available to record your next project.

Neumann U87 microphone – The Neumann U87 microphone is a top of the range industry standard microphone, specifcally one of the best-known studio microphones the world over.

In-booth monitor screen – Our recording booth contains a ceiling-mounted, large, wide-screen, adjustable monitor screen. Therefore, it enables the recording artist to simultaneously view video footage, greatly aiding audio synchronization and – subject to talent preference – makes a great autocue.

Directing remotely – Our studio is perfectly located for London-based talent and directors. But if you would rather not travel, there’s no need. Direct your voice over artist remotely – as if in person – via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, or phone patch – or something else. Whatever the client preference!

Audio & video edit suites

On-site team

We have a friendly, professional crew with lots of real-life studio expertise on-site, who will do all the recording, editing, file splitting, and quality assurance checks on your behalf. Meet the team

Light and modern open-plan space

Having outgrown our previous location, we relocated in March 2020 to our new, modern facilities.

Likewise, light, comfortable, surrounded by greenery, and very well ventilated. It provides the perfect back-drop to the world-class audio-video production services we provide.

While the open-plan space aid with a seamless workflow between teams, it also enables us to provide more efficient service to our clients.

Room to relax

Last but not least, we offer free chilled drinks and a nice, comfortable chill-out area! So directors and talent alike can enjoy visiting our site and relax between takes!

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