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Tigrinya is the most widely spoken language in Eritrea and the fourth most spoken language in Ethiopia. Tigrinya is a Semitic language with a strong influence of Ge’ez and it has early written examples dating back as far as to the 13th century. Do you need a voiceover in this fascinating language? Contact us today for an instant quote.

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Tigrinya Female 002

Google Reviews for Voice Talent Online
Andy Jarvis
Andy Jarvis
July 2020

I rely on good service and a quick turnaround, I was really impressed with both, the overall cost of the job was another bonus. I wouldn't hesitate to use Voice Talent Online again.

James Gilbert
James Gilbert
June 2020

This company and their voice talent is great. I have been very pleased with the service and quality of the voice recordings and can recommend Voice Talent Online without reservation. So far they have recorded voice-tracks for six short videos plus all the voice prompts in our company's phone system.

John Donaldson
John Donaldson
May 2020

Excellent service, great communicator totally professional and extra fast 5*

Fidel Channer
Fidel Channer
May 2020

Excellent service!

Christopher Mielack
Christopher Mielack
April 2020

Great experience working with voice talent online - got great sounding voice over for my game's trailer, and generally very professional email communication. Do recommend!