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Tamil Voice Over Artists

Having trouble with Tamil? Tormented by its terminology? Don’t worry; Voice Talent Online is here to help with experienced and professional Tamil voice talent able to deliver your messages to native Tamil-speaking communities with laser-sharp precision.

It couldn’t be easier; simply browse our Tamil voice over talent below and get in touch for a quote from our team within 15 minutes. We’re also able to provide casting, translation, QA and more.

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Tamil is a language spoken by approximately 85 million people and can mostly be heard in regions such as:

  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia

And others. One of India’s 22 languages, Tamil is spoken by around 62 million people in India, mainly where it’s an official language in Tamil Nadu.There is a lot to consider when looking to commission a Tamil voice over artist to deliver your audio content. Its dialects, for instance, have evolved over time along three different dimensions: geographic dialects, caste and diglossic.

Each dialect variant in Tamil has its own characteristics. There are various geographical variants, while the Tamil spoken in Sri Lanka is considered the most conservative dialect. Castes include Brahmin and non-Brahmin variants, while diglossic variants have different types of formality for varying occasions and situations.

Vowel length can make a large difference in the way that Tamil is portrayed, whole some words spoken in Tamil can also be incredibly long because of their approach to suffixes.

We’re here to make your lives as easy as possible with a professional and experienced Tamil voice over artist who will portray your audio message as powerfully as possible.

Google Reviews for Voice Talent Online
Emmanuelle Mather
Emmanuelle Mather
December 2019

Very professional and quick service!

Mark Wheatley
Mark Wheatley
October 2019

Fast, efficient service with great results. Wholeheartedly recommended.

John Cracknell
John Cracknell
October 2019

Voice Talent Online provided a voice-over for one of our company videos using a script which we provided. We were pleased with the professional sounding American accent that was used and the good response we received generally.

Shift Management
Shift Management
June 2019

Excellent selection of voices specific to accent which is what I have trouble finding elsewhere. Great service and prompt delivery. Ready to make small adjustments as required. All in all an excellent experience!

Rosor Foret
Rosor Foret
June 2019

I've worked with Voice Talent Online recently and everything was fine with them, professionality, deadlines, etc. Melanie is always at your disposal to help!!

With so much to consider linguistically when creating audio content for Tamil-speaking audiences, you need to make sure that your Tamil voice over strategy is as precisely-targeted and as authentic as possible to reach out to the people who matter to you most.

Wherever your Tamil-speaking audience resides across the world, Voice Talent Online is here to help you open effective communication channels with them in their language. The better the content, the more likely your audience will engage with you.

We’re with you every step of the way to find you the best Tamil voice talent and take the weight from your shoulders. Booking is incredibly easy, and our team will work incredibly hard to realise your creative vision.