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Swahili Voice Over Artists

As the official language of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Comoros, and the African Union, Swahili is spoken by over 140 million people worldwide. A significant portion of its vocabulary is derived from Arabic, and has also incorporated various words from other languages over the centuries. Our Swahili Voice Over Talent consists entirely of native speakers - perfect for whatever project you have in mind. We offer our reliable voices at competitive pricing - contact us today!

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Google Reviews for Voice Talent Online
Jan Rummens
Jan Rummens
May 2019

Uitstekende service, vlotte afhandeling. Als ik nog een stem nodig heb, dan wordt Voice Talent Online mijn vast contactadres. Tevredenheid gegarandeerd !!!

Wayne Graham
Wayne Graham
March 2019

Quick, friendly and cost-effective. Best of all, very accommodating to international clients!

Ryan Conway
Ryan Conway
November 2018

An easy to work with, very responsive crew made last minute work a lot less stressful! Thank you

Stephanie Ariel
Stephanie Ariel
October 2018

My chosen voice artist nailed our script on the first try and I couldn't be more pleased with our recording. What an easy, helpful service! Highly recommend.

Lala Lupi
Lala Lupi
September 2018

Awesome team! I was desperate to get a voice-over in a short time period. They helped me so effortlessly and the end result is simply amazing! Really professional & highly recommended company to work with! Thank you!