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Somali Voice Over Artists

Somalian has three different dialects; broadly-speaking they are:

  • Northern Somali
  • Coastal Somali (Benadir)
  • Maay.

Of these, the dialect spoken in the Northern-Central area is considered the most ‘accent-free’ or ‘Standard’ Somali.  In other words, the broadcast-standard in the language.

Voice Talent Online is able to provide experienced and professional Somali voice talent to help you get your message across to these markets authentically. Check out our Somali voice over talent below and see which is best suited to your project. We can also take a more active role in casting for your project, or provide translation services if required.

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Somali Female 001

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Somali Female 006

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Somali Male 008


If you’re looking to publish content in Somalia, having the right Somali voice over for your audio content will be crucial to breaking down language barriers and boosting engagement.

Somali is the mother tongue of 17 million speakers globally, and the official language of Somalia, spoken by 95% of the population.

Beyond Somalia, it’s a significant national language in Djibouti, and a working language in regions of Ethiopia, with close cultural and historical close ties between each of the areas in which it is spoken.

Further afield, there are hundreds of thousands of Somalians residing in Yemen and the United States alone, while the United Kingdom, UAE, Sweden, Canada and many other international regions have large Somalian communities in the tens of thousands.

Our Latest Reviews

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Review of Bill Walsh
Bill Walsh
October 2021

Excellent customer service.

Review of Palma Multimedia
Palma Multimedia
October 2021

First time user of VTO and it won't be the last. Superb service and attention to detail. Client Liaison Hannah couldn't be more helpful. Highly recommended service.

Review of Richard Kelly
Richard Kelly
July 2021

Prompt response times, prompt record times and great value. will definitely use again!

Review of Clare Porter
Clare Porter
June 2021

Really impressed with the service provided. Hannah was quick to reply and we had a our voice talent recording within a few days. Brilliant.

Review of William Lambert
William Lambert
June 2021

In terms of finding good quality voice recordings that don't break the bank, I couldn't recommend this place more highly. They made it incredibly easy to find the type of voice I needed and the turnaround was super quick!

We offer reliable voices and quality assurance for all types of productions.  With proven male and female Somali voice over artists on hand to support your project, and our own post-production expertise, we’re confident we can complete your audio project to the highest standard.

If you’re looking to reach out to a Somalian audience anywhere in the world, work with a Somali voice over artist who appreciates both the differences in dialect inherent in the Somalian language, and the cultural influences on the audience you’re targeting.

Your audience is listening. The more accurate and considerate your Somali voice over, the more receptive and appreciative your audience is likely to be.

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