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Malay Voice Over Artists

Mastering Malay can be a challenge. Our magnificent Malay voice talent are here to help you produce scintillating audio content for Malay-speaking markets, the world over. Listen to our Malay demos below and get a quote within 15 mintues.

Malay is one of the world’s major languages. Malay has its roots in Indonesian and is a branch of the Austronesian language, and is the official language of:
• Brunei
• Indonesia
• Malaysia
• Singapore

Malay is also a recognised minority language in Thailand and the Philippines; approximately 300 million people are thought to speak Malay natively.

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There are numerous commercial benefits to aligning creative audio content with a Malay voice over strategy; the biggest being that it’s used as a primary trading language in areas such as the southern Philippines and the Strait of Malacca.

If you’re looking to communicate with markets fluent in Malay though, it’s essential to have the right Malay voice over strategy to show how genuine you are and to produce more effective and authentic audio content.

Why? Because Malay has numerous regional dialects to comprehend. Include various social registers across the territories in which Malay is spoken and you’ll begin to understand why it’s worth working with a Malay voice over artist that understands the complexities of Austronesian language.
It’s a beautiful language when spoken; don’t be worried if you think Malay may cause you misery. Voice Talent Online’s experienced team of native Malay speakers and our technical professionals make creating vibrant audio content for Malay-speaking communities as easy as it could possibly be.

Our Latest Reviews

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Review of Matt Lowe
Matt Lowe
June 2022

Absolutely fantastic! We've now used Voice Talent Online for five or six projects, and they've nailed it every single time. Truly excellent quality and service -- thanks VTO! Cheers, Matt

Review of Hendrik Tillmann-Zorn
Hendrik Tillmann-Zorn
May 2022

Excellent job - as usual. Very good quality, extremely smooth process. Will be back soon.

Review of Mica Flynn
Mica Flynn
April 2022

Having no prior experience in obtaining third-party voiceovers, it was a completely new experience for me and luckily one that has been seamless. From my initial inquiry through to booking and receiving the final product, Voice Talent has been nothing but professional, helpful, and efficient in their service.

Review of Keith Ruehle
Keith Ruehle
March 2022

Quick and easy. I picked the talent from the samples they had online, sent the copy in, and in less than 48 hours, received my files. The quality of the voice files/talent was amazing for the price. I recommend using the Chat portal. Unlike most websites, the person I chatted with was very knowledgeable and walked me through the process.

Review of Rosalynn Thornton
Rosalynn Thornton
March 2022

Voice Talent Online has friendly, professional and responsive staff. They ensure that they provide the service exactly as outlined in a timely fashion. Have used them a couple times now and can say they have provided amazing service each time.

The Voice Talent Online team is here to work with you to make your life as easy as possible when you want to reach out to Malay speakers with exciting audio content, whether you’re looking to build B2B ties with company’s working on the Strait of Malacca or are looking to deliver a wider message to shoppers.

Voice Talent Online will not only work alongside you to provide you with an experienced, passionate and professional Malay voice over artist. We’ll also work with you to enhance the reach of your product and ensure it’s targeted to the right people in Malay-speaking areas.

Voice Talent Online will help your audio sound as authentic to Malay speakers as the message is you wish to convey. As well as premier Malay voice talent, Voice Talent Online can also provide casting, QA services, translation and more.

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