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Formerly known as Nyasaland, Malawi’s economy is heavily-based on agriculture. Its population, however, is quite diverse, and though English is its official language, Chichewa is widely spoken, with approximately twelve million native speakers. Our Malawi Voice Talent can speak both English and Chichewa, offer quality assurance, and are bound to be perfect for whatever project you’ve in mind. Contact us today to use our reliable voices for your next project!

  Narrative Upbeat Sales Character English

Malawi Female 001

Malawi Male 003

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We went to record voice over for a short film we shot! Harry and his team are amazing and very accommodating and very professional. We will be defo going back there to record.
August 2023

Very professional and obliging company to work with. We have done several projects with the team and always got the best level of customer service, extremely prompt turnaround and quality voice recordings that live up to our own high standards. Highly recommend.

Dromad Hire
February 2023

Top notch service, quality work.
Thanks so much, guys!

Aviv Aminov
December 2022

VTO are always easy to work with. They communicate clearly, support throughout the process and deliver high quality audio every time!

Matt Walker
November 2022

Very fast response, good quality voice-over plus great service and follow up! Nice people to work with :-)

Carolina Tafalla
October 2022