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With almost 300 languages spoken from the Himalayas to the Yellow Sea, China's linguistic diversity can seem daunting when considering the language(s) in which to localize for China.  But the one official language - Standard Chinese (also known as Standard Mandarin) - is spoken by over 70% of the population.  For mainland China, Mandarin is "Chinese voice over".  For Hong Kong, Macau and some Chinese provinces, you need Cantonese voice over.  To hear and select from all our Chinese voice talent, please visit: Mandarin voice over Cantonese voice over

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Google Reviews for Voice Talent Online
John Cracknell
John Cracknell
October 2019

Voice Talent Online provided a voice-over for one of our company videos using a script which we provided. We were pleased with the professional sounding American accent that was used and the good response we received generally.

Shift Management
Shift Management
June 2019

Excellent selection of voices specific to accent which is what I have trouble finding elsewhere. Great service and prompt delivery. Ready to make small adjustments as required. All in all an excellent experience!

Rosor Foret
Rosor Foret
June 2019

I've worked with Voice Talent Online recently and everything was fine with them, professionality, deadlines, etc. Melanie is always at your disposal to help!!

Jan Rummens
Jan Rummens
May 2019

Uitstekende service, vlotte afhandeling. Als ik nog een stem nodig heb, dan wordt Voice Talent Online mijn vast contactadres. Tevredenheid gegarandeerd !!!

Wayne Graham
Wayne Graham
March 2019

Quick, friendly and cost-effective. Best of all, very accommodating to international clients!