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Here’s a quick summary of how to work with us.  But we’d also love you to contact us now for instant, expert casting recommendations for your project.

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Selecting voice-over talent is about finding a voice that fits the tone, goals, and personality of your brand.

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Click ‘Get a Quote’ to edit your list and tell us about your job – what it’s for, where it’ll be broadcast, and your target budget, etc.

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Our goal is to respond within 15 minutes – with recommendations, rates and availability.

Our Latest Reviews

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Review of Shun Ming Loo
Shun Ming Loo
January 2022
Review of Georgia Walker
Georgia Walker
January 2022

Very responsive and great to work with!

November 2021

It's been great to work with the production team at Voice Talent Online, as well as with their talent. Thanks for the efficiency!

Review of Nigel Hiller-Garvey
Nigel Hiller-Garvey
October 2021

We at Small World stories have found that using Voice Talent online be a great boon to our work. We at Small World stories have found that using Voice Talent Online to be a great boon to our work. We produce video content for TV and the web across numerous geographical regions throughout the world.

Review of Bill Walsh
Bill Walsh
October 2021

Excellent customer service.

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