Professional video translation service

As you expand your reach internationally, growing your business in new markets, to attract new customers you need confidence in your translated promotional content.

Quality Control

  • Four-stage quality assurance, in two different stages of the video translation process, ensuring the localized content's consistency, quality and accuracy.
  • Proven, native, industry-appropriate translators ensure adherence to technical and cultural nuances.
  • Client approval at each step ensures expectations are met or exceeded.

Voice Talent Online has the experience to ensure that your content is converted and optimized for global audiences 'locally'.  Your video will resonate with the viewer, giving you the confidence to focus on growth.




The client had already translated their text so only needed 'video translation'.

We timed and recorded the German voice over, synchronizing it to the English video.

The client didn’t like the music in their original English movie, so we recommended a short-list of royalty-free music and they selected their favourite track.

The new music was mixed with the German voice over, and inserted into the video file.

The video was re-published with the new audio, and after native QA, the finished video was delivered in .MOV, .MP4 and .WMV formats.

Voice Talent Online is a British company specializing in video translation.


The biggest brand-name companies in the world - including both Google and Amazon - trust Voice Talent Online to perform video translation.

It has taken us a long time to manually and painstakingly develop our network of specialist translators and trusted voice talent in over 85 languages.  We haven't taken any short-cuts to get there, and the journey is never over.

Whether you require a full service video translation, sub-titling, dubbing or a straight-forward Powerpoint conversion, you can trust Voice Talent Online to approach your project with the same dedication and resources that we would for our most high-profile clients.



Expanding in Europe, Ionic needed to translate their video into Dutch German and Polish.

Translations from English usually expand by 5-15%, so after translation we shortened it where necessary.

Following client review, the voice over was recorded, synchronized, QA’d and corrected.

The VO was mixed with the music and the final, translated videos QA'd and published.


Video Translation Services:

  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • On-screen text translation
  • Casting voice talent
  • Voice over
  • Dubbing
  • Subtitles / closed captions
  • Video editing & re-publishing
  • Video format conversion
  • Quality Assurance

These services are offered by Voice Talent Online in over 85 of the world's languages.

Contact us to disuss your needs and options, receive a detailed quote with turn-round and recommended voice demos and to review work examples.

Google Reviews for Voice Talent Online
Lala Lupi
Lala Lupi
September 2018

Awesome team! I was desperate to get a voice-over in a short time period. They helped me so effortlessly and the end result is simply amazing! Really professional & highly recommended company to work with! Thank you!

Charlotte Clark
Charlotte Clark
July 2018

Have tried this company once and had a quick and seamless process - can recommend.

Don Morris
Don Morris
May 2018

I recently had a Corporate video translated from English to Chinese and Japanese. The voice over's for each language were done by Whisper Audio. I am based in South Africa. I emailed the scripts to Simon and about 5 days later I downloaded the WAV file containing the Chinese and Japanese audio that fitted perfectly into the English edit. The process was painless, everything happened according to plan and the results were excellent. My client is a very large multinational. I am happy, the client is happy and I'd highly recommend Whisper Audio/Voice Talent Online.

George Logua
George Logua
May 2018

Amazing company that provides very fast and high quality services. Very pleased with services we have been provided. After checking similar companies I decided to use Voice Talent Online as their prices were way cheaper than the prices of their competitors however, it doesn't mean that the quality of their services is worse. Will definitely use them again in the future. Thank you.

Peter Soby
Peter Soby
May 2018

Working with VTO made a difficult job easier. A million times easier. I have recommended them to many other business I work with and hope to work with them again in the future. Thank you.