Video Translation

Voice Talent Online is a British company specializing in video translation.  We perform this service (known as "localization") to spoken and on-screen content in over 75 languages.

We translate the on-screen captions and spoken word, adapting them for cultural nuances.  Next, we'll natively record the voice over in the target language(s), and perform native QA to ensure accuracy.  Next it is re-mixed with any music or sound effects that were in the original video, before the complete audio soundtrack is imported back into the original video, together with any localized captions (if present).  The video is then re-published in whatever format is needed.  We can also add sub-titles if preferred.

Video translation services convert and optimize your content for global audiences. Expand your reach, attract new customers and grow your business.

Case Study:
Video translation for 'Best Doctors'

The client had already translated the text of their video themselves, and came to us for our video translation expertise.

We timed up the translation to the video and recorded the German voice over, synchronizing it to the English.

The client didn’t like the music in their original English movie, so we recommended a short-list of royalty-free music and they selected their favourite track.

The new music was mixed with the German voice over, and inserted into the video file.

The video was re-published with the new audio, and after native QA, the finished video was delivered in .MOV, .MP4 and .WMV formats.


Quality is Paramount

Our video translation services follow a strict process to ensure quality and accuracy. 

First we transcribe the existing video (in English), ensuring that audio, subtitles, on-screen captions and timings are accurately tabulated.

Then the best native, industry-appropriate translators will translate the content, respecting other cultural nuances, before they collaboratively check, edit and double-check each other’s work.

After client approval of the translations, next comes audio production, voice over synchronization and QA both for technical and grammatical accuracy.  After video re-publishing, each video translation is then reviewed to ensure total accuracy prior to final delivery.

Expanding in Europe, Ionic came to us to translate their commercial into three languages.

First we transcribed the existing ad in English, tabulated the script and timed it up.

Then we translated, reviewed and edited the script, shortening it where necessary (translations from English typically naturally expand by 10-15%).

Following client review, the voice over was recorded, synchronized, QA’d and corrected.

The VO was mixed with the original music track and the Dutch, German and Polish videos republished, ready for final QA and delivery to the client.

Case Study:
Video localization for Ionic's Reach & Wash

Finding the right voice

Voice Talent Online works with a network of more than 2,000 native, industry-qualified translators and hand-picked professional voice over artists, in more than 75 different languages. As a result, we can provide natural-sounding, broadcast-quality video translation that delivers your message locally.

We take into account the context of the video, the voice of the brand, and the style of communication that suits your customers. 


Video Translation Services:

  • Transcription
  • Subtitling / closed captions
  • On-screen text translation
  • Casting voice over talent
  • Voice over in 75 languages
  • Video re-publishing
  • Video format conversion
  • Quality Assurance