Globalisation has made subtitling an essential part of video production.

And with video marketing booming, recent research suggests that up to 85 percent of Facebook video views have the sound muted. So how do you speak to these viewers?

Subtitles help to share your message, and to reach those growing audiences that may have the volume down.

We speak your language

We have a 75-language network of more than 2,000 professional translators, each a native speaker and an industry-specialist.And by taking into account the context of the video, the voice of the brand and the style of communication that suits your customers, we produce subtitles which flow naturally. These considerations ensure your audience will find your video engaging and easy to follow.

Sub-titles for 'Pro Football Hall of Fame'

First, we transcribed a) the English audio and b) the on-screen text, into a written English script (transcript).

We split the transcript into suitable sub-title lengths, and tabulated and timed them.

The sub-titles entered a three-stage translation, review & edit into both Mandarin and Vietnamese.

Sections were para-phrased (shortened) where necessary and timings were adjusted.

Then we re-published the video in both languages for native linguists to QA them.

Finally, we delivered the finished Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese videos for client approval and broadcast.

Video subtitling in Vietnamese for 'Hall of Fame Village'

Quality is Paramount

Our subtitling services follow a strict quality assurance process. We transcribe your video and tabulate the captions, then manage both the content and synchronization of your translated subtitles.

As a result of our stringent quality assurance processes, the technical and grammatical accuracy of our subtitling can help to ensure that viewers don't even notice they're reading.

Sub-titling for 'adTrack Media'

AdTrack came to us with their script already-translated into Japanese.

Our translators split it into suitable sub-title lengths, adapting it where necessary for context, and timed it up against the English video.

The customer selected their preferred sub-title 'look' and we re-published the video with Japanese subtitles burnt-in, delivering it in MP4 format.

German video subtitles for 'Adtrack Media'

Multi-Format (Technical Stuff)

Your subtitles can be embedded in a re-published, rendered (ready-to-use) video (either ‘burned-in’ or on a separate track), or saved in a separate, accompanying sub-title-only file (such as an SRT).  

We’re totally flexible to your particular needs. If you would like expert advice on the most suitable option for you, or simply want a quote, please call us now for a free consultation.

Subtitling Services:

  • Transcription
  • Subtitling / closed captions
  • Translation
  • Synchronization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Video rendering / re-publishing