Get your message to customers with speed, sensitivity and local authenticity. 

You create audio-video content that must sparkle across diverse cultures and languages. To succeed, you need a partner with linguistic excellence, cutting-edge audio-video facilities, and advanced QA capabilties.  Voice Talent Online is a global leader in rich-media localization.  Our network of native experts makes your content talk the language of your user.  Our fully customizable service allows us to align completely with your processes, work-flows and budgets, so you can trust us to translate, record, video-edit and produce your content as efficiently as possible.

Global service with a human touch:

  • All in-house project managers, personal 1-to-1 service.
  • Trusted company that gives back to the local community.

Send us a message or fill in a feedback form to discuss your needs and our services and prices.  Let us share more than decade of experience with you 


End-to-end localization services:

  • copy writing
  • transcription
  • translation
  • 5-stage (translation) QA
  • voice talent casting
  • foreign-language dubbing
  • foreign-language voice over
  • post-production and editing
  • 4-stage (audio) QA
  • video editing & post-production