VoiceTalentOnline Specialize in Localizing All Things Audio and Video
This is also referred to as video localization or video translation. We take your production, and transcribe it into English. Having tabulated the audio and captions, we can translate the content, ensuring in review that the target translations do not present synchronization issues.... Audio production follows, synchronization, and finally QA, to ensure that the finished production is a perfect fit.

All Types of Business Use Our Specialist Team
Voice Talent Online work directly with all types of business, many of whom only need to outsource specific aspects of the whole project. They might only need our voice over skills, or mabe just text translation. We understand that you only need what you need. So we will not throw needless issues in the way. We will get on with it.

100+ languages
Our network of over 1,000 voice over actors and actresses dub into most languages. We have hand-picked the most reliable talent over the last ten years to optimise your exoerience of working with us.

1-stop, multi-language, localization

From next-day turn-round

Competitive Pricing
Benefit from our volume savings and pass them on to your customers.

Quality is Paramount
All transcription, translation voice over and editing work is subject to strict QA, for both technical and grammatical accuracy.