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Ukrainian Voice Over Artists

An East Slavic language, Ukrainian is most noteworthy for its somewhat chequered past; from 1804 until the Russian Revolution, it was banned from schools in the Russian Empire, though it still managed to maintain a base in Western Ukraine. It’s also noteworthy in that no one’s quite certain where it originated - though there are several theories, there’s no definitive answer. If you want this rich language and our reliable voices to be a part of your next project, contact us, and we’ll set you up with our Ukrainian Voice Over Talent at competitive pricing.

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Google Reviews for Voice Talent Online
Ryan Conway
Ryan Conway
November 2018

An easy to work with, very responsive crew made last minute work a lot less stressful! Thank you

Stephanie Ariel
Stephanie Ariel
October 2018

My chosen voice artist nailed our script on the first try and I couldn't be more pleased with our recording. What an easy, helpful service! Highly recommend.

Lala Lupi
Lala Lupi
September 2018

Awesome team! I was desperate to get a voice-over in a short time period. They helped me so effortlessly and the end result is simply amazing! Really professional & highly recommended company to work with! Thank you!

Charlotte Clark
Charlotte Clark
July 2018

Have tried this company once and had a quick and seamless process - can recommend.

Don Morris
Don Morris
May 2018

I recently had a Corporate video translated from English to Chinese and Japanese. The voice over's for each language were done by Whisper Audio. I am based in South Africa. I emailed the scripts to Simon and about 5 days later I downloaded the WAV file containing the Chinese and Japanese audio that fitted perfectly into the English edit. The process was painless, everything happened according to plan and the results were excellent. My client is a very large multinational. I am happy, the client is happy and I'd highly recommend Whisper Audio/Voice Talent Online.