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Flemish is very like American English (to UK English) in that it’s the Dutch language (of the Netherlands) but a little different.  However, the differences are mainly in how it is spoken, not how it’s written.  So if your localization is written only (not spoken), although a Flemish native will recognise straight way that the translation is either “Flemish” (for Belgium), or “Dutch” (for the Netherlands), no offence would be taken if it's the latter.  This is because the differences between the written forms of the language are only tiny – things like the written word for “you” is more informal in Dutch than Flemish.  Therefore if budget constraints are tight, you certainly don’t need a Flemish variant (in addition to Dutch) for your written translation.  It’s more of a luxury you might want to afford at a later time.  However as already mentioned, if your project involves audio (not just written text), these language-differences become much more important in spoken Flemish.  If your Flemish project requires voice over, a Flemish variant for Belgium is necessary in addition to the Dutch version for Holland. Let us show you how our handpicked talent can accommodate all your needs - contact us today to get started!


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Phil Chapman
Phil Chapman
Fenruary 2017

Really easy to deal with, and a fast turn around. It was also good that I had a point of contact so if I had any question I could just give them a call. Brilliant service

Tim Shrimpton
Tim Shrimpton
March 2017

Great service with helpful advice if needed. Fast delivery with top quality recordings. Great for any voice work - 5*

Chris Spurr
Chris Spurr
April 2017

Fast turnaround and very good quality and value

Justin Filmer
Justin Filmer
May 2017

Great professional service. Their team caught translations errors that I was unaware of and completed the job ahead of schedule. I am a repeat customer and will continue to use Voice Talent Online in the future.

Phil Schwarz
Phil Schwarz
December 2016

Needed a specific voice type. Whisper Audio had just the style I needed. Quick turnaround at a reasonable rate. What else do you need ? Thanks!