Enter the 2020-2021 Scholarship Now!

Award: US $2,000! (US$1,000 per scholarship)                        Deadline: 31 January 2021

  • Entrants must meet the terms and conditions (below).

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Terms and Conditions

  • You can apply for the scholarships if you are a student enrolled in a university or college anywhere in the world.
  • You can apply once or twice
    • apply for one scholarship;
    • apply for both scholarships separately.
  • You must write a blog article (click here for tips).
  • Your article must be visible online - on a blog, social media, or other web site.
  • Your article must contain a specific hyperlink.
  • When you've published your article, you must complete the application form above, to enter.
  • The winner will be judged on both the quality and social popularity of their entry.
  • The judge's decision is final.
  • In Spring 2021, prior to the prize being awarded, the winner's name, photo and name of university/college will be posted here on this page.

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Any enquiries regarding the scholarship or the subjects can be sent to

Remember to fill in the application form and good luck!