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Creative Casting Service

Bring your scripts to life with the world’s most talented voice talent. Use our professional casting service – available today in over 90 languages. 

Voice talent casting can be a long and challenging process. Worldwide, there are so many talented voice actors to choose from. We have cast thousands of voices for a huge variety of languages and media. Unlike the traditional casting process of attending a physical studio, VTO services international clients’ casting requirements remotely.

All the voice actor Demos you hear on Voice Talent Online are vetted and approved to save you time. But if you prefer auditions, reach out to our dedicated sales team now for free professional casting.

About Our Casting Services

  • Choice with custom samples and free creative casting.
  • Safe hands: experienced, dedicated project manager.
  • Control: Online Live Direct Sessions for real-time briefs.
  • Cast Voices within minutes and receive custom quotes. 

Why Voice Talent Online? 

Our voice artists record from well-equipped recording studios to deliver high-quality voice overs that are ready for broadcast. Here’s why our voice talent love working with us:

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Did you know? 

  • According to Backstage, there was a 900% increase in the number of voiceovers required to be voiced over from 2016 to 2019.
  • Research from Zippia shows that among voices-over talent, 41.8% of them are women compared to 58.2% which are men.